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I don’t hate my job, I’m just always looking for something new. If I mentioned Critical Care to other people at work they would basically all say I’d be bored & it’s more paperwork. I didn’t think so and after my interview today I realised that I would actually enjoy it there.

My interview was set for 13:30 this afternoon, it wasn’t the best interview I’ve ever had, but I’m never good at them, I hate them. I knew I hadn’t done great. I was asked to return at 15:00 for a written & maths test with the other interviewees and we’d be told whether we were successful or not later on.

I came back for the test and there were only three of us! The test was so simple and it was over in mins. We waited for the results and they took one of us into the office. They hadn’t passed the test. It was sounding good for the remaining two if us as there was also ESCU (surgical after care).

Unfortunately I got the call not long ago to say I was amazing on paper but I just didn’t sell myself enough in the interview. I kind of knew this and as much as I realise it is were I want to work, I am not that upset, I know what to work on and they have mentioned other vacancies later on this year.

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