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So things are definitely moving fast. We got sent a form from university to fill out with our preferred placement areas and then we had a group online chat with our uni tutor on Monday. Tuesday I received an email from my local trust asking me to fill out a couple of forms which I returned within 30 mins.

It was then phone tag on Wednesday, but we finally caught each other. I was asked which hospital I would like to be based and then given the choice of 4 different wards.

I picked the nicest out of the lot (only 9 patients) which used to be private but was told it had a mix at present. Today I receive an email from the trust thanking me for taking up this role, giving me a start date of 16th April and saying that a contract would be in the post.

My other half is at work this afternoon so I asked him to have a look at the ward for me. Well turns out that the ward is closed and currently being cleaned! It is due to re-open next week sometime but it is confusing what patients will be in there. Some say Eartham while some say Balcome. Now Balcome has been closed for over a week now and been moved to Eartham so I am hoping that it is Balcome as that is one of the areas I would like to work once qualified so I could be lucky or it could mean that I am moved to another ward altogether.

I have emailed practice education to find out more, they were clearly working today so maybe working Monday, if not I’ll hear on Tuesday.

Someone from my cohort has been given ITU. This is very confusing as I assumed no-one would be given that area due to restrictions and the fact that none ITU staff can’t really do much at all. I would have loved a placement on ITU but only if I was supernumerary not being included in the numbers.

UPDATE: As of 4th May 2020 the above never happened and I am still waiting to hear anything about a placement. I have a feeling that I am now being skipped over for 2nd years. I will be the only one in my cohort who opted in to now have a placement.

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