55 weeks to fabulous – week 10

Aim is to look and feel fabulous by New Years 2016.

This goal has kinds of drifted away of late. I have done little to no actual exercise in weeks. This doesn’t mean to say that I haven’t been burning those calories and losing the weight.

I’m not looking for a fast weight loss, I want this to be permanent, I am happy with how it is going. So many people at work are on some kind of ‘diet’ & lose 6lbs that first week, everyone thinks it’s amazing but there is no need to restrict. Most people do a form of ‘slimming world’ or talk about eating xyz fruit first thing in the morning. Weight loss being all about calories falls on deaf ears or they nod & agree but carry on with their ‘diet’. How many of these gain weight when re-introducing foods back in to their eating habits – too many. I hear all the time them talk about having to restrict again and be careful when this happens. I give up trying to educate them.

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