Fitness: Getting back at it…

So after declaring that I was giving up the gym for a while, I lasted only a few weeks and I rejoined!

When I started back at Anytime Fitness (local to home) and Pure Gym (local to uni). I had the idea that I’d need to different gyms due to my schedule but shortly came to realise that I was an idiot and only needed Anytime Fitness as it is 24/7 and I can go before uni duh!!

I got a log book and even an online personal trainer everything was going good but recently I’ve gone back to my old ways and started getting bored and not going. I still love AF for it’s 24/7-ness but I’m in need of something else. I have been doing a lot of searching online looking at group style workout programmes and there are a few, but they appear to be too restrictive. I am now seriously considering joining a crossfit box. 

When looking for the ideal box, I wanted somewhere that was local (walk or one bus), had enough classes to fit around my schedule, had an open gym, and had more than just crossfit classes. MVMT42 fit all that and more., unfortunately it is also the most expensive at £105 a month! There are some as low as £75 a month but they generally don’t have many classes throughout the week or only have crossfit style ones. MVMT42 has both crossfit & barbell and is a crossfit afiliate. At first I liked the idea of going to a Reebok box but they only have one olympic lifting and one gymnastics class per week. Oh and they aren’t taken on any new members just yet. 

I haven’t signed up to MVMT42 just yet, I shall still be on the look out for crossfit gym till I do.

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