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YNAB is a budgeting app/software where you budget to zero each month, ‘every dollar has a job’. There are 4 basic rules that you should follow:

Rule 1: Give Every Dollar A Job

Rule 2: Embrace Your True Expenses

Rule 3: Roll With The Punches

Rule 4: Age Your Money

For a fully detailed explaination check out YNAB

YNAB has really helped me figure out a budget for me, there is often some tweaking throughout the month and I have not perfected it yet but it has really helped me see into the future. I am continually learning new things about the programme and they are continually adding new features.

I started off with classic YNAB which was a piece of software you placed on your pc, eventually I moved to nYAB which is an online programme as well as app. I don’t use the app so much as I prefer to do transactions on the main portal, but the app is a great way to add transactions as & when they happen. The programme costs me £4.44 a month and is well worth it.

I will do a whole post/s on how I use YNAB soon.

PAYE Tax Calculator

My wage changes each month depending on how much unsocial I do. To produce the best budget I can on YNAB I use a PAYE tax calculator to workout my take home pay. You can add deductions for student loans, pensions, change your tax code as well as change your NI letter. My tax code, therefore allowance is slightly higher than most on the basic code as I have claimed for uniform. It doesn’t give me much extra but it all helps.

I use this for both my main job as well as my bank/second job.

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