Why I changed my hours

What were my hours and what are they now I work long hours but few days. Each shift is generally 12.5hrs long over a day or a night, there are…

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First ever budget review…

So I have finally gotten around to doing a budget review. As you can see I went way over budget in July but thankfully I had more money coming in…

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My student debt

My first foray into Uni life was in 2002*. I had been to college for 4 years instead of 2 and came out with an Advanced GNVQ and AS Levels…

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First step to investing

For any readers that might actual be here, this blog hasn't turned into a purely personal finance blog, I am just starting to think about my future and have been…

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Aiming for a retirement fund

At present I save nothing for my retirement other than my NHS pension. I have been looking at ways to improve me income in retirement. An income of £2000 a…

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