So yesterday I went to the gym again around 8am, I think that is now my fav time to be there, it really isn’t that busy. I went right to the treadmill and ran for 3K, only a short amount of that was walking, I was running at 7.5kph and I think the faster I go the better I am. I used to run at 5 – 5.5kph but couldn’t run for long. Yesterday I ran till I couldn’t breath anymore. I’m really liking it and feel I’m getting into this running stuff.

Also my gym is surrounded with fields full of horses.

With all the rain we must have had over night one of the field had turned into a lake.

I went shopping this morning for xmas food and ended up spending £74. I had to haul 4 big backs onto the bus and not we actually have no room left in the fridge or freezer for anymore food.


It’s quite windy round here at the moment, on the way to Tesco I thought I’d get blown over but it’s not so strong to blow over trees here thank god.
Our flat doesn’t have double glazing in the front due to it being a conservation building but we do have in front of the windows sliding shutter thingies which do help, some of the windows however don’t shut completely as we keep them slightly open to avoid mold.



Eaten: 1326 | Burned: 1808 | Deficit: -482


Eaten: 2570 | Burned: 2177 | Deficit: 393


Eaten: 1544 | Burned: 1945 | Deficit: -401

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