Weight series: A truthful weigh-in

So I have been struggling to lose weight since around 2013, it has generally been my fault that nothing has really changed since then, mainly down to my complete laziness…

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Not a lot going on

So what I have I been up to...Wallowing, watching CSI, doing assignments and going down the youtube rabbit hole. It's been 18 ish days since I last posted and not…

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Temporary register update

So things are definitely moving fast. We got sent a form from university to fill out with our preferred placement areas and then we had a group online chat with…

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NMC temporary register

I am a 3rd year nursing student. Since my last post, I have been pulled from my placement so I am ploughing into my assignments Due to COVID-19, how we…

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Life goes on…

Nothing has really changed for me over the last few weeks, I continue to go to placement, work, and try to shop. The only difference is no NASCAR, slot car…

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As it currently stands…

As it currently stands I am still on placement in Neuro Theaters and loving it. I can cancel the placement if I want to but the uni doesn't know yet…

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This time next month

Since I last posted about starting to apply for NQN posts, I have been talking to a few people at different trusts and heard back from applications. 29th Feb 2020…

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3rd year placements

I'm not one to just wait around, too many times things haven't been done when they should and delays have happened. Due to this since December 2019 I have been…

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