Not a lot going on

So what I have I been up to…Wallowing, watching CSI, doing assignments and going down the youtube rabbit hole.

It’s been 18 ish days since I last posted and not much has changed. I have one assignment due in at the end of June with is nearly finished, I was struggling with the appendix for ages and still, it isn’t as I want it but being on a Chromebook I am limited to what I can actually do. The other assignment I have also started I am leaving for now (the groundwork is mostly done it’s just rewriting it). It isn’t due till the end of October and I have another that is due end of August. This only I don’t like and think it will be the grade dropped when workout my degree classification. My final assignment I’m not starting till after this one.

I haven’t any new information on the extended placement, other than having a phone call from the trust on 27th to confirm my cohort but since then nothing. Oh, I emailed them on 30th to enquire about when I’d hear anything and got the reply that they aren’t doing 2nd years at present. Say what?! I’m 3rd year not 2nd. I’m basically like ‘oh well’ about it now. I’m just so fed up that I sometimes think of just giving up. I did however, find out today during a uni online lecture that one other student hasn’t heard anything yet. She is based in London though so I’m not sure how they are organising things there.

I was all thankful that I had just gotten back on the bank at my local trust but there aren’t many shifts. Any that I do book get cancelled, wards are all moved around and it’s so so quiet there, there are more staff than patients. Brighton isn’t much better.

At 4 this afternoon we have a uni/placement update, so watch this space for me getting even more fed up.

*sidenote/question when did picmokey become paid only? I mean you can design something you just can’t dl it without a subscription. Unless I am going out my mind that is.

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