As it currently stands…

As it currently stands I am still on placement in Neuro Theaters and loving it. I can cancel the placement if I want to but the uni doesn’t know yet how/when I’ll be able to make up the missed hours & assessments. As I also work as a HCA within the trust I don’t see me cancelling unless I HAVE to. Some placements are contacting the uni to cancel, in neuro theatres, we will continue to have emergency & cancer surgeries but there is talk, like with most trust, about turning recovery into extra ICU beds. ALL electives will be cancelled from 15th April and that just happens to be my last week there.

All uni classes have been cancelled (due back in May) and we only have 1 exam while I can see being online.

There is talk of having nursing student being HCA’s within the hospitals and being paid, that’s a good thing for those not already employed, but I already work a permanent role as well as on the bank. I can see many not wanting to do it, especially those that don’t need to the money. Now if we get the governments ¬£1000 per month ‘wage’ then I’ll be quids in!

Food shopping isn’t as crazy as the media make it out to be but I am avoiding the large supermarkets and going local. Two of my delivery came with half my order missing! I was only trying to do my normal monthly shop. The local micropubs are slowly shutting or reducing to take out only ūüôĀ

I will continue to work through all this and hope everyone stays save during this time

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