28th November 2015

So I’m sat here with my laptop, on the sofa, under a blanket & next to a radiator, on this horrible rainy day. Today is my BIRTHDAY, I wish it wasn’t like this, today I turn 34!

I have had a great day so far. Been out for breakfast, gotten some new clothes and bought some new Brooks running shoes from Amazon. I am out this evening for a Mexican meal which I am really looking forward to ūüôā

I am currently 148lbs but happy. I lost my fitbit again a few days ago so I’m back to using my garmin watch with I am fine with.

I sent in my first tma’s for both of my uni modules in the last week or say so I’m just sat here waiting for the results ūüôĀ

I am more determined than even to have the future that I want, I know what I want and I know how to get it. The recent government budget announcement mentioned that they are getting rid of NHS bursary’s for nursing students from 2017 and everyone will have to apply for a student loan, I can’t remember now if the NHS is no longer going to pay the tuition fees and that’s why we apply to the SLC. I am still hoping to start my training before 2017 but if I don’t I know I won’t be at a disadvantage with having a previous degree. I’m not against paying back a student loan, I mean it isn’t going to be ¬£100s each month and if still means I can become a nurse then so be it. My main issue with the uni application is the personal statement, I am having so much trouble with this!

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