Running shoes

I haven’t had many running shoes but I think I’ve found which works for me.


I got a pair of Brooks Adrenaline GTS in 2013 and loved them from the start, these really got me into running. I keep saying I’ll get some more but they aren’t cheap and not many places sell them.


I got a pair last year for my birthday. At first I didn’t like them for running in, but I eventually grew to like them. I keep hearing comments about how they are rubbish but as they are on the cheap side of trainers I find them to be great. I ran my first race in them & am considering buying some more.


I like the idea of New Balance, lots of people rave about them, but I’m not sure. They are on the cheaper side & are now become the ‘must have’ shoes for chavs. I may still consider them and will look out for one of their pricer versions when in a sale. I am put off by the flashy colours though.


Recently people were telling me to look out for Soloman trainers in the sales, but all I’m seeing are trail shoes.


Now everyone seams to love these. I think they will take some getting used to. The look, the height etc They are rather pricey. As I’m not a 50+ mile a week runner I think I will give these a miss for a while.

I think Brooks will always be the shoes for me 🙂

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