It has to happen now…

So I haven’t been posting on here in a month or two. I have since moved flats (post to come soon), taken part in a 24hr slot car race and decided to not take part in my two running events.

I have not lost weight for ages now and it will be my 34th birthday at the end of month. I seem to be floating between 147lbs & 151lbs. My goal is 115lbs I think I need to achieve it by my 35th birthday!

I need to watch what I eat, measure everything on my food scale and get back to the gym. I have left the lovely gym on the beach due to two reasons, 1) it’s too far to walk to and I’m not spending moving on transport & 2) the weights just aren’t good, the increase at too big an interval. I had my eyes set on what looked like a great gym, both cardio & weights but it’s again too far to go to. I have decided to go back to the very first gym I joined when I moved here. It is under new ownership & I’d actually be going to one of their over centers which is now only 10 min walk away. I need to go in and have a proper tour of the place as some people aren’t impressed with the weight room but I want to make my own choices. It must be good as the local power lifting team train there, I ‘may’ look into training with them maybe. The centre also has running groups and a running track which I’m hoping anyone can use.

So tomorrow starts the beginning of the challenge again!!

In other news. I am struggling with my uni work. I got way ahead at the start of one module but hadn’t touched it for weeks and I have an assigning to hand in my Thursday. With my other module I have barely looked at it but need to get my head down as the first assignment is due in by 26th November.

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