Fitness so far

So I am liking my job mainly for the calorie burn I am getting from it.

Jan 13 – 19:

Monday = 3017
Tuesday = 1670
Wednesday = 2823
Thursday = 2303
Friday = 1594
Saturday = 2737
Sunday = 2613

This week so far:

Monday = 2444
Tuesday = 2836
Wednesday = 2845

You can kind of guess the days I worked right? Apart from last Sunday when I did a lot of walking and this Monday when I ran for 3k.
You’d think that as I don’t eat near these amounts most days the weight would be dropping off but it isn’t. The problem I think lies in my alcohol consumption. I don’t drink everyday, if fact I can go a week without a pint and only have 2 at the most but I don’t drink enough water at these times to get rid of all the crap in my blood. I feel that is what is keeping my weight as it is. Maybe I should cut it out completely, I just can’t do that, I just need to learn to drink a little less.

I intend this week to start exercise classes and then run afterwards, I’m looking at gliding as well as fitball, bodybalance and bodycombat. Stay tuned for an update.

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