Gym time

So I made it to the gym this morning and ran on the treadmill. I did 3.3 km in 35 min which included 2 min walk at start and 5 min walk at 20 min. I ran at 6.5km which is a 9.13 pace. In total I did 3.94 km in 39.59 min including a 5 min cool down.

You know I frustrate myself, it’s not having other people around possibly looking at me that gets to me, its ME! I get embarrassed at myself WTF, I mean it. I have all these plans to do exercises at home but even if I’m the only one in the flat I don’t last long, I feel like I’m watching myself and judging. I think that is it anyways. I probably don’t know what this feeling is exactly but I feel it is stopping me from doing more. I mean I have an exercise bike, exercise mat, barbell, dumbbell and a 3 in 1 foam roller. There should be nothing stopping me but there is! I really need to get other this.

In¬† other news, it’s payday today but I haven’t been paid ūüôĀ I phoned HR and they have a pay statement for me so I have been paid but I’m told it could be anytime today. I hate waiting, thankfully my bills go out on the 1st. I just hope they have the correct bank details. My bank can’t see if any payments are pending.

It’s going to be a long day.

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