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So the move to Worthing is getting closer! My mum has agreed that the money she has for our new car can be used for the move instead.
Now how do you apply for jobs when you haven’t actually started your current one? They aren’t going to be happen when they are being asked for references and any potential employer will think it strange that I am looking to move on so soon, but hey it’s not at a commutable distance so I’ll just make something up about needing to more.


This morning I planned to check out a potential running route, I’d actually walked this route before in various stages. I got up at 7:15am once Keith had left for work, got reading then realised it was raining hard so I went to my usual place, the sofa. I didn’t have to wait long and I was out the door.

Now it never dawned on me that I would be waling along a muddy trail and through the woods so of course I was surrounded by wait sticky mud everywhere, I slipped a few times and had to take a small detour due to a tree which has blown over. Overall it was fun and I think in the summer/warmer months it would be a nice route to run.

I haven’t quite got the nerve up yet to start running outside. I could see myself doing it in the early hours though. I’d much prefer a park but we don’t really have them, well not ones where I don’t need to run in loads of circles to get a good distance in.
I don’t know running on the streets in England is so much better than in the USA. I can’t wait to move to Worthing as I’ll have loads of places to run including along the sea front and in the south downs.


I’m looking at joining a Wednesday evening running group, so check back for updates on this

I’m still unsure about my degree, I’m really getting into all this fitness stuff so like the idea of sports & exercise but then my career at present is in care so a health and social care based degree would be too.


I’m in awe of runners who are like an easy run is 5 miles, I can barely make

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