Where have all the post gone…

Ok so I haven’t lost any posts, I was just signing the title to ‘where have all the cowboys gone’.

We have now had our rental checks back and everything is ok, We are due to move out on 9th or 10th October but get the keys on 25th September so we will have an overlap with the two properties, giving us plenty of time to clean up and hopefully get most of our deposit back.

My 10k race is this weekend but I haven’t really done any running since last week, in fact I have don’t very little exercise lately, therefore I haven’t done a weekly exercise post for a few weeks. My goal is 1.5hrs or below

Tragedy happen last weekend. I’m sure most people will have heard about the Shoreham Airshow crash. Well that is our local airport just a few miles away. I feel so sad for the families of the victim but also am getting annoyed by stupid comments from people who clearly know nothing about airshows or aviation. Yes why not ban shows not over the sea,  single pilot flying, air displays of old planes, flying over built up areas, etc etc Come on now, I don’t think people really thought much before say those things. Most of these comments weren’t just directed at airshows though. How are planes going to take off – from air plane carriers? Lots of planes are single seaters – yes stop the livelihood of people why don’t you! We might as well ban air travel all together. Ban trains, cars and motor sport while you’re at it. I realise that most people don’t mean their comments the way I have taken them but they are just stupid. Who wants to go to an airshow with just modern jets? Their are historical airbases nowhere near the sea, should those close?

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