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So I made it into HR and yes I did walk there all 2.5 miles. Sorted out forms and got my ID. Its purple & pink yay (ok you can’t see the pink really, but it is there). They thankfully happened to ask if I knew where I was going next but I didn’t so they rang the unit manager for me and I was told to report to the manager at the home so off I went, I decided to walk there and it was 3 miles. I really didn’t feel like I wanted to work till 7:30pm luckly I didn’t have to, I was just shown around. I have 12.5hr shifts Tues-Thur this week. I’m not sure how the rota works yet.

Instead of just walking the 1.7 miles home, I decided to back track a little so I could buy some food and a tin opener as ours stopped working completely some time ago. This meant that I walked another 2.2 miles. In total I walked 7.7 miles. I lost .87 miles somewhere (walking upto HR department, being shown around the unit maybe) as my fitbit says I walked 8.57 miles.

I am therefore not going to the gym today I am too knacked, I’m going to the pub instead 😉 Speaking of the gym, I think I need to start going to classes can anyone give me advice on what classes I should be doing? To book a class we need to get an arm band from reception at least 30 mins before the class so I don’t see how I can do 2 classes back to back, I’m sure there are people that do though, maybe I should talk to reception. The classes I’m interested in are :

  • Yoga
  • Pilates
  • Ballet Fit
  • All over body workout
  • Total Abs
  • Zumba – maybe?

Oh I’m down .4kg today 🙂 It’s slowly going in the right direction

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