Another day, another dollar

or should that be pound?

RehabWell today marks the first day at my new job, well at HR anyways, I still have no clue when my first shift actually is yet?! I should be at this moment in time walking, if it’s not raining, to the headquarters to get my paperwork done. I do hope they then don’t tell me I’m to report to my unit, that is a few miles from where I will be. I half expect HR lady to not know anything about my shifts so I have to phone (on what number) the unit manager to find out but then the other half I expect her to at last know when I should first report to the unit, that would be nice.

Yesterday I went out for a run, I ran for .8 km / .41 mi. I find it hard to breath from almost the start and then my throat gets sore. I’m not sure how I am meant to improve this, I tried running slow. I really should add walking into the mix and do at least 1 mi but once I got to that ‘I can’t breath’ state I just want to stop. I NEED to push myself more! Maybe I should try the c25k app again.

I am thinking of using the gym just for group classes (step, body attack, body combat, yoga, pilates) and go running on the weekends. I have a barbell & dumbbell at home as well as a foam roller.

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