Starting again with the running

I haven’t been running much lately, mainly due to being ill. I haven’t gotten far with the speed or distance so I am started again from the beginning.

Today I did 1min run, 1 min walk x 10. It didn’t go to plan as my leggings kept trying to fall down so I had to hold them with one hand ūüôĀ Really need to sort out what I should be wearing.

I am changing gyms but not to one of the two I have previously mentioned. They are just too expensive for now, maybe in a years time. I say a year as I am planning to join a gym where it is cheap if I sign up for 12 months (22.50) and not monthly (40). Any classes will be on top of this price but I don’t really go to them, I say I like to have the option to do so, so I always try to get them included but I rarely go to them so I don’t feel I will be missing out.

Gym Xtreme

This gym is also a fight school, but as I have to pay extra for classes I won’t really be entering that part of the building. I aim to get an induction and workout routine designed around free weights and not cardio machines.

I will also be going to a boot camp every Saturday (£30 every 6 weeks) and a running club on a Sunday from January. Either the beginners (£40 for 8 weeks) or £1 a week general session depending on where I am with my running in January.

Shore Fit

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