I hate being ill

So I’ve had an ear infection for 2 weeks know and the pressure keeps giving me headaches. Tuesday I woke up with a terrible cold ūüôĀ I did not want to get out of bed but I had arrange with Keith to meet him at his work so we could take a trip into Chichester so I could sort out my ID & paperwork for my soon to be new job. I felt terrible the whole time but I was able to enjoy myself at the same time and had a lovely lunch in a local pub.

I wish I didn’t have to go all the way to Chichester for HR and training when my work place is just 10 mins walk from my house!

Talking of work I am handing in my notice at my current job tomorrow (Friday), I only have to give 1 weeks notice so only have 2-3 night shifts left! I might not have a start date at the hospital by next week but I will be on the books for a local agency which pay ¬£9 an hour weekdays and ¬£13.50 an hour weekends so I can do that while I wait. I do have a tentitive start date of 3rd November though but I’m hoping to start earlier, ideally before 10th October as after that date each month you don’t get paid till the following month. I also have training dates and I’m told that I’ll have 2 weeks training and 2 weeks shadowing but the dates are all throughout November included on 2 dates when I’m away.

We’ll see what happens shall we?!


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