So where have I been?

I have not been on here for probably over a month now. I had issues with my host/server, worked a lot and needed to do uni work.

Something happened over Feb/Mar. I started to get better at running (treadmill, not outside) and I started to lose weight again! On 2nd Feb 2015 I weighed 195.5 lbs and today (8th March 2015) I weigh 187.4 lbs. My way of eating has changed and I burn more calories on work days by going for a walk during one of my breaks instead of eating.

I still don’t say no to food if someone asked if I want something I generally say yes but I appear to be making better choices, at least most of the time. We did have a tub of Ben & Jerry’s yesterday but it fit into my calories for the day.

I think part of it is down to how I have now set up MFP. I have my activity level match, or as close to, what my fitbit expects of me and I have my calorie goal as maintaining. That way I don’t see the red and I tend to have deficits of up to 1000 calories most days.¬† My brain isn’t screaming at me anymore.

I don’t eat breakfast on workdays either as this tended to make we want to eat again soon afterwards. No I have my first meal (lunch) around 11am during my first break, unless this break happens to be too early say before 10:30am, then I’ll go for a walk then and have my lunch during my second break, which can be between 2pm & 4pm.

I don’t snake as much unless I feel real hunger, but there is still the bored eating thing going on sometimes.

With running, I now do 5k in 40 mins flat. I walk for 0.2k @ 6 or 6.2 kph and run 0.8k @ 8 or 8.2 kph. I get to 30 ins and see 3.7 or 3.8 on the treadmill and think ‘yes I’ll break 40 mins’ but I never do ūüôĀ
I tried running outside again today and I just wasn’t feeling it, I seem to be able

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