The Isle of Wight Challenge

So my 106km challenge is getting closer, in fact it’s only 41 days away. This is how the route looks so far:


The blue marks are major check points where I can get hot food if I want, there will also be minor check points between this for snacks. I am aiming to run from each minor check point to each major check point and walk the rest, but we will just have to see what will happen during the challenge.

The longest I should run doing this is 11 miles, so far I can run 3 lol. I want to be running 5 miles during the week and 10 on a Sunday, so that makes 4 Sundays where I am free to run.

I have come a long way with my running though. Tuesday I was able to run for 15 mins without stopping, then it was 22:30 (3km) on Wednesday, Then 38:30 (5km) on Friday and 39:36 (5km outdoors) on Saturday. I did try running this morning but my body just wasn’t feeling it. Maybe I over did it this week.

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