My new job

So I start my new job on Monday and up until around an hr ago I was totally confused about the actual location of the job.

My interview was at one hospital, my occ health forms went to another hospital and I couldn’t remember the name of the ward/unit! Well the name was on only one piece of paper and that was the occ health form I sent back ( wasn’t said in interview). I’d been searching for ages on the web for any mention of the department, then finally the nice HR lady emailed me the address and I got even more confused. The address was for a nursing home?!
It turns out after searching for this home on the trust site that yes it is a nursing home but the trust have converted part of it into the rehab unit so no longer will the unit be over 2 sites. I thought I was getting my self into another care home job which I really didn’t want. Ok I feel this will be that in a way but with adults of various ages and abilities. Oh and it is just 40 mins walk away!

Oh yeah hours are 7am – 7:30pm or 7pm – 7:30am

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