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So yesterday I was feeling sorry for myself and I still do, I feel lonely and invisible. It didn’t help that I was ignored when trying to order food in the pub the other night, two people who clearly came up after me got served before me!

It’s looking a bet better now, Keith finally received his tax rebate so that money can go towards the move. We went to look outside the flat for rent overlooking the sea. It’s totally run down, I knew this from walking past it many time but never really realised the extent. I can now understand why it is going cheap. The outside needs new plaster and the building next door is derelict and all boarded up. I know a building company had plans for an 11 story block of flats a few months back, I can see both building being demolished for that or at least the building blocking out any sun/view there was.

So we are back to the drawing board, there isn’t really anything else on offer yet so we just have to wait.

In other news, you know I like to read/stalk blogs and I’ve mentioned a couple recently. Well one seam not to add up, they appeared to be all about themselves, using people, always relocating, then boom they declared a big event on their come back Christmas 2015. Well I found the other blog through this blog and what was said on the first blog didn’t add up. I came to realise my asumptions of this person were correct. Last night I revisited the first persons blog and found that they had deleted quiet a few posts, there was no talk of breaking up with the girlfriend or relocating again & finally getting a place where he could get his dog back. I don’t know why this bothers me, why I continue to follow them. I should just realise that this person is an asshole and move on. Maybe because even they have a better life than me.


2015-08-01 12.30.35

So the above has become a regular at work for lunch, I just need to nail down my lunch for when I’m a home.

The street velodrome is in town this weekend.

2015-08-01 12.37.24Worthing is the only place on the south coast for 2015

A good weekend for the whole family and they have a beer tent!

I saw myself in a shop mirror this morning. I can’t believe how short & fat I actually look! Operation loss the weight is ON! I weighted 152.3lbs this morning thought the scale said anything up to 158 – hell no!

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