I finally ran it…

So I finally managed to run for 5k /3.1 miles!!!!

I set the treadmill to a goal of 3.1 miles, shortly after starting I changed my distance display from miles to km, turns out that the treadmill computer doesn’t recognised the change. Once I’d hit 3.1 km the threadmill turned into a cool down and it took a few seconds for me to realise lol.  I had a 1 min break during the 3.1km run then another once it turned to a cool down.

I then ran for a further 2km as I was determined to do a 5k and I managed it! I felt like throwing up during the last 0.5km though and at times I wanted to give up but I didn’t!!

5.24K in 40.3 mins = 7.38 k pace | 12.18 m pace
Average speed = 4.79 mph | Average pace = 7:47 miles (3.24km)
Average speed = 4.90 mph | Average pace = 7:36 miles (2km)

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