Uni issues

So I have 2 years left of uni or so I should have. I can’t get a loan for this year so I may not have the money to continue ūüôĀ I want to do 90 credits this year and 120 credits next year to finish ASAP. Due to failing or cancelling modules too many times (basically taking the piss) for so many years, I’ve wasted years and could have finished my degree a few years ago.

I have asked my mum for the money (¬£5k) so I can continue. I won’t be using all that money by the way, it will only cost ¬£1290 but the rest I want to put towards my holiday and future car.

If this doesn’t happen then I’m looking at doing an Access to HE course or A Levels do go and do an NHS funded degree. If I can get a hospital job then in 1-2 years I can apply for the hospital trust to fund me, if not then I’d need to work quiet a bit to pay the bills.

Each year at this time I ponder about doing A Levels, as it was results day Thursday gone. I start to think what I could have achieved if I actually did some studying. I got Biology U, Chemistry U, Environmental Science e, Film d, Math u. If I were to do A Levels again I’d take Sociology, Politics, Environmental Science.

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