Fridays workout

My legs are sore and I can’t do stairs very well but I like it. I am using an app/website called Jefit to track my workouts. I started by picking a beginners workout and modified it. I added running and assisted push ups to each session.

Fridays workout was chest & triceps

Bench press 6x20kgs | 6x25kg | 6x25kg
Barbell lying triceps extension 6x10kg | 6x10kg | 6x10kg
Incline bench press 6x20kg | 6x25kg | 6x20kg
Machine fly 6x20kg | 6x20kg | 6x20kg
Assisted pull up 6x60kg | 6x60kg
Treadmill 10min @ 5.5-6mph

I started on weights as I saw they were free and I jumped of the assisted pull up machine after 2 sets when a treadmill became free, it was packed!

I’ve tried other stength progammes but I go bored with them (Strong lift 5×5, etc) then one I feel I can stick to

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