So I finally went to another class on Thursday, this time it was Bodyattack @ 6:45am! There were 9 people in the class, I’m not quite sure how they can fit 15+ into studio 2 though.

I burnt 423 calories in 44.35 mins, not bad going, way below the average burn quoted on the official site though. I found it fun, I think I was the only newbie but I wasn’t the only one without energy for the whole class. I will def be going to this class more often. Due to my work schedule I can go for the next 5 weeks then not for the following 3 weeks. I think I’m liking these early morning classes but I like to get a run in before 9am, maybe I can do my run after a class 3 days a week. I did write a weekly routine a few days ago, let see if I stick to it with the added classes.

In other news my parents arrive this evening and are staying til Tuesday morning

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