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I applied for Feb 2018 entry but they asked if I’d consider 2017 entry instead. I said I was & I have been sent an interview date but I think I’m going to withdraw my interest.

I can’t make the interview date for one thing but my main reasons are the fact that I have just started my final degree yr with the Open Uni and received finance and also it is the very first year this degree has been offered so it is uncertain what it will be like.


I applied for both the 3yr BN degree as well as the 2yr PGDip. I would happily take either of these if they were offered to me.

So far I have had acknowledgement from the uni about the BN and been given a selection date for the PGDip. I can actually make this date and I am both nervous and excited.


The uni has acknowledged my interest but that is all so far. Out of all my choices this is at the bottom of the pile. This is mainly due to location of the uni it’s self, on public transport I’d be looking at a good few hours travel each way. My placements however would actually be within my hospital trust, so would really be ideal.


I haven’t yet heard anything from this uni. It is my local one with some placements within my actual hospital not just the actual trust. Many of the nurses I work with went to this uni.

So there is a lot to be thinking about. I just hope I get offered a place for this coming year.

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