Things are interesting here…

Well not really but couldn’t think of a post title lol

I am liking my job i.e the staff and the clients but night work is so so boring, my activity level for the day has totally gone down as for the most part I’m sitting down doing nothing. I haven’t gotten used to working night yet either. The pay sucks too. I’m going to give it till the new year then re evaluate.

Haven’t been going to the gym as much as I should be, in fact I’m hardly going ūüôĀ I think I’m just too tired from my night shifts that I just don’t want to do anything. We have been on some lovely works though.

I did manage to go to a boot camp class this morning and while I found it hard I did enjoy it. I am trying to try out different classes to find one’s I’d like to do more regularly.

My eating has gone back to being crap, I am slowly getting on top of it and I am more determined than every to lose the weight, I really want to get into the army reserves and I have given myself til next year to do so. I need to get down to 60kg min from 85.1kg to be in a healthy bmi range.

This is the view from studio 1 at my gym by the way ūüôā

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