My last two strength training sessions

So I haven’t been as frequent as I hoped to the gym but somethings just get in the way. Like last Thursday we were traveling up to my parents, 3.5hrs by various trains in the morning, and didn’t want to feel ill for it. I’ve been feeling sick after the last couple of sessions, I think I am still trying to work out the best food to have before hand and at what time.

Sessions 8:


The above was pretty hard, I hate squat thrusts!

Tyre flip one length of mat
Battle rope double waves x 50

Rest 2 min, repeat x 4

I wanted to die after this lol

Sessions 9:

Incline push ups x 8
Lat pull down (35kg) x 15

Rest 1 min, repeat x 4

Barbell squats

  • light bar (15kg), 10×3
  • olympic bar (I think), 10×3

My upper arms were hurting by this point just by holding the bar!

Barbell bent over rows 10×3

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