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So I’ve never been a skinny kid and I don’t want to be a skinny adult, but since around 2011 I started putting on weight more. I became lazy, started eating bigger portions, prob due to living with a man & doing the cook to man sizers. I got up as far as 203 lbs and a size 18 (uk) I am now down to 185 lbs and a size 14-16 (uk). I lost this weight since Feb this year and my aim is to get to 115/133 lbs by next new years.

I tried a few gyms on the notion of doing group classes (I have yet to do one). The first I joined was a leisure centre in Feb 2011 and I didn’t go once. I then joined a local cheap gym Feb 2012 and went for a short time but just didn’t like it there, I never did a group class (I don’t think they ever really did any) but I learnt I actually liked going to the gym whereas before I hated the idea. I joined another local cheap gym but again the same. I finally in August 2012 joined a chain gym which is more expensive but so much better. I got a health MOT, a work out plan and someone I could talk to about exercises/equipment whenever I needed to. The workout plan was for the 1st 12 weeks which I have now passed but I feel confident in finding my own way around the gym though I will talk to them about starting free weights.
I have recently started using the treadmill. Now before I would only do a fast walk on it as I couldn’t run for more than a few mins, but I am running for 1.5 miles each time now. My first time I managed it in around 20 mins but just today I managed it in under 16:30 mins! I need to get it under 14 mins as I plan to join the TA once I meet their fitness/weight requirements.

I am not eating as healthy as I should, I still like my subways, alcohol etc but I am getting better and we try to use fresh veg as much as possible. I am cooking things more myself which is good, I will prob never get into baking or making things like pastry as I’m just too lazy lol

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