August 2017 – Monthly Income Report

Income £77.96 – Expenses 0 = Profit £77.96


I have just started to place adsense ads onto this site and will be doing so soon on other sites. So far I have received no income from this


I have yet to started working on my affliate marketing

Match betting

I have started to go through the tutorial with oddsmonkey. I need to build up a fund for this before I can dive into this form of income as you need to have so much ‘spare’ money to place your ‘lay’ bets. Once I have a few £100 I will pick this up.


I’ve never really been into surveys. I’d get fed up of being screened out all the time. I have finally found two sites that I feel are worth while doing. I will never make loads doing surveys.

Opinion Outpost = £5
Prolific = £64.42


I sold 2 uni books £8.54.


I also sold loads of DVDs and CDs to Music Magpie and Ziffit. This money isn’t included as it is towards the household.

I am not looking to make £1000s per month, even though that would be nice. I just want to make a few £100 per month, pay of debt an.d help me through uni.


Site 1 = 0

Site 2 = 0

My sites each have zero traffic, so at this point I’m talking to myself … hello me! I will be trying to improve on this in the coming months. I need to post regularly and have decent content.


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