what what?!

So work, what can I say about it really? It’s all new to everyone, they only moved into the building on 18th Dec 2013 so not even a month yet and so much needs to be worked out. It’s strange being on a rehab unit in a nursing home where the basement & ground floor (minus 9 beds) are for a nursing home and we have the 1st floor.
The patients are lovely though and there’s always someone going home or arriving. Even though it’s elderly rehab only one person needs a full hoist and he shouldn’t really be with us as he is just waiting for placement, the same with his roommate minus the hoist.

I made the mistake today of going to the gym after 9am, never again! It’s too busy and there’s little kids running around. It’s actually a health club rather than a gym but that’s what it’s called. Tomorrow I am going to go running outside, today I ran on the treadmill for 1.5k as well as did some walking. I think I start out running for too long and that is why once I’ve stopped running and am walking I don’t want to run again. I am going to attempt the c25k again tomorrow.

I have been doing ok with my food and calories this week though yesterday was a rest day so was meant to be a low calorie day but we ended up in the pub and had 3 ales. Ended up in the pub again today and had 2 ales ūüėČ I went over yesterday but I know that I am well under for the week so I’m not too bothered plus I am down 0.3kg since Monday.

Oh I have finally managed to get instagram working on my BB z10 so follow me at http://instagram.com/debraguk

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