Uni: Placement number 3

So I start my 3rd placement the week starting 27th August for 7 weeks. This will be my 1st private placement. It turns out that they aren’t funny about my wanting to do long days and I won’t be doing any Sundays as they really don’t do anything that day, in fact not much at all all weekend. 

I currently only have the 1st two weeks of shifts, 1st week I’ll be there Tuesday + Wednesday + Saturday, the 2nd week Monday + Tuesday + Wednesday. I’ll actually be on holiday for nearly 3 weeks so I’ll only be there 4 weeks out of 7.

I also need to make up hours at work as I’m currently working 19 hours a week but getting paid for 23. This could prove difficult.

How do other people other there survive uni + placements + work?


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