I’m really struggling right now

I haven't had the best of times these past few years since qualifying as a nurse December 2020. I was redeployed twice within the first month and subsequently moved on…

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Life: Starting a new job

On July 15th I ending my time on the Emergency Floor to start a new job within theatres (eyes!!). I had been with the Emergency Floor for nearly 4 years…

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University updates….

I recently received my final TMA mark back, it wasn't good. I need to get 40% for the OCAS but I have only gotten 38.4% :( I  have contacted both…

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Just a little update…

I am still around and plan to do regular posts in the new year. Post to come before 1st Jan are: January budget Gym progress Christmas 2016 I have been…

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A me post…

So what have I been doing to lose the weight??? If you read this blog (runningandstrength.com) you would come to the conclusion that I am all talk and I think…

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Property hunt….

Why is it so hard to find a place to live? It doesn't help that we haven't the money to move just yet and that I don't stop looking at…

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