Starting again: taking it slow

For anyone who has been around for even a short time will know that I appear to like changing gyms every few month. I come over all ‘I love this place’, write a few post then nothing.¬†Well I have now left my most recent gym.

Why do you ask

I am just not going. I have been ill throughout July then in August I didn’t want to go when I hadn’t been for ages. I like to go first thing in the morning but I just didn’t want to get up after a long day shift. I’ve also been working loads of night shifts so my days off have been just that; days off.

What I will be doing

Starting next week I will be making myself get up early at least 2 days a week to go for a walk/run. I will then in Feb 2018 be joining my uni gym and going 3 days a week before or after class. I find it hard because I don’t have someone to work out with ūüôĀ

What keeps you motivated?
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