March weights & measures

I haven’t really lost any weight this year so far. I started at 184.5 lbs and as of yesterday I am 182.5 lbs, a 2 lb loss! For the whole of January & February I was between 187.4 lb & 184 lbs. It wasn’t till April that I eventually got to 183 lbs, I even got to 179.9 lbs on 22nd March!. It appears that I bounce around the same 4 lbs for a few weeks then drop and repeat.

I haven’t been great with my food intake (am I ever) but I am now being more conscious about what I eat, I am really trying to log my food at the beginning of the day. It’s those drinks and takeouts at work! I have however been saying no to them lately.

My main aim for this part of the year is to be more active and I am definately achieving that. I do see changes to by body even if the scale doesn’t show it. My clothes are fitting differently (looser), I’m getting shape to my arms (even if I do still have major bingo wings), I’m stronger, my stomach is dropping – getting saggy/looser fat and I’m getting a shape around my middle.

Measurements = no changes


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