Temporary register update

So things are definitely moving fast. We got sent a form from university to fill out with our preferred placement areas and then we had a group online chat with…

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NMC temporary register

I am a 3rd year nursing student. Since my last post, I have been pulled from my placement so I am ploughing into my assignments Due to COVID-19, how we…

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This time next month

Since I last posted about starting to apply for NQN posts, I have been talking to a few people at different trusts and heard back from applications. 29th Feb 2020…

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3rd year placements

I'm not one to just wait around, too many times things haven't been done when they should and delays have happened. Due to this since December 2019 I have been…

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Year 3 timetable

So we have had our timetable published for a few weeks now and I forgot to blog about it. There was no announcement about it, I just happen to continuously…

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End of 2nd year

So I have officially finished 2nd year of my nursing degree. Two weeks ago I got my final set of grades. A pass on drugs exam (only pass/fail), Long Term…

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What is going on…

So how are my grades looking so far? Not good actually. The group presentation came back as 52 and all but one person in our group thought that was a…

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This post was originally going to be about just the one unit and how I've finally done with the essay but I can now happily announce that I have completed…

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Degree update

The mad rush of essays and exams have started. Engaging Service Improvement poster presentation: 16th October 2019Engaging Service Improvement essay: 21st October 2019Evidence Based Practice project plan: 4th November 2019Evidence…

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