Why I’m not a typical blogger

I don’t confess to being any good at blogging, in fact I’d say I’m terrible at blogging. Below are my reasons why I’m not your typical blogger

  1. I’m extremely lazy
    Both in writing content and commenting on blogs, joining blogger chats etc
  2. I don’t much care for flat-lays
    I find them boring actually, not always, but I do think they are over done in the blog world
  3. I won’t be seen standing on chairs etc to take photos of food in public or even my own home
    I find it quite embarrassing, I can’t imagine being out and seeing others do this
  4. I don’t have the kind of social life that makes a blog interesting
    In fact I don’t really have much of a life. If I’m not at uni, placement, work or micro pub, I can be found sitting on the same sofa as always, watching TV or on the web 
  5. I rarely use pinterest
    I’ve tried using it, I have a few boards but it doesn’t really grab me 
  6. All I do on twitter is post links to my blog
    Enough said
  7. I don’t know how to edit images
    I don’t think I have the patience to ever learn, I don’t see the need for it on instagram, I like things looking natural
  8. I rarely think of any good content
    Well I do but it’s mainly when I’m trying to sleep, not when I’m actually trying to write a post
  9. I’m not connected to brands and wouldn’t know where to start
    This is mainly because I haven’t really build a following for this blog that drives brands to me
  10. I don’t have real direct for this blog
    I have 3 main areas I blog about on here and it is a bit of a mishmash really

I realise that if I want to build this blog, I need to stop being lazy, I need to work on post content, images and engaging with others. 

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