So I’ve never been one for cutting out food or even alcohol but I still manage to lose weight. I don’t seem to ever get below 82.2 kg / 181 lbs! I have started looking more at my food, I tend to get low calorie soups, deserts etc and my activity level as increased. I’m hoping with all this I can finally get into the 70kgs / 170lbs.

I haven’t been to the gym all week, it was a busy two days in Worthing as well as three shifts at work, I just needed this weekend to recover and relax. I will be back at the gym running that 5k (or more) on Tuesday, Thursday, Friday & Saturday this week. I’m going to probably stick to 5k for the month of April then slowly increase the distance in May.

I have walked 55.55 miles this week though and as of Sunday evening I am in a calorie deficit of -3409!

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